The District recently completed the replacement of the marine outfall on the North Shore of Orcas Island.  The old ductile iron outfall pipe was replaced with a 12" High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) pipe that was installed using a directional boring technique which eliminated the harmful effects to the environment of conventional construction methods. 

Projects that the District is currently working on include:

1)  Installation of a sludge/septage dewatering facility (screw press) for producing Class A Biosolids that can be land applied and to also have the ability to receive septage from others on Orcas Island.
2)  The Development of engineering plans for the installation of a sewer mainline extension on Blanchard Road to the shoreline of North Beach in order to connect all existing and future homes in this area.
3)  Completion of a Comprehensive Plan for the Orcas Village area and connecting all homes located in the Orcas Village service area.

The District is currently working on the completing the connection of all homes to the sewer system located on the West side of the Eastsound UGA and who have been placed on notice of the requirement to connect.